Year in Review

December 31, 2015 at 1:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Another year ends and another year begins. Didn’t we just go through all of this? Time flies when you’re having fun!


This year was a pretty good one for me. Scott and I got engaged at the end of January which was pretty cool, then in February I went to California with my mom and aunt to visit a cousin of mine. I didn’t do much other traveling this year besides that, sans a wedding in Texas and a few trips to Louisiana and Indiana to see family, but that’s okay. At this point I’m saving for a super awesome and likely super pricey honeymoon so I can wait a bit on some more big trips! Let’s see, what else…my job is still going really well and I can’t imagine finding a better place to work. A few friends of mine had babies and I even became an aunt (on Scott’s side…but I wish my sister would pop out one of her own!) and at Christmas yet another close friend announced she’s pregnant, too! So lots of babies and lots of love, which is great. Most of the things that happened in 2015 were good things so I don’t have much to complain about!

Of course, nothing is ever perfect. My dad battled lung cancer (again…) and while he’s healthy now we all know that could change at any time. I also lost my godfather, an uncle who was especially near and dear to my heart. But he had been in pain for a long time so while it’s easy to be sad that he’s gone, it’s also easy to be relieved that he doesn’t hurt anymore. But really, considering how many people I know and love, the fact that I didn’t deal with more losses is pretty rad. And all four of my grandparents are still kicking, which is something I’m grateful for every day!

2016 should be an interesting year, what with an election and my marriage and all. Actually, my marriage will take place just a few days before the election, so that’ll be interesting. Maybe the open bar is a bad idea? Only time will tell, with that and with so many other things. But I’ll continue to enjoy it while it passes and my celebration with various friends this evening will be a great way to ring in the New Year!


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