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Holy crap, there’s one week until Christmas.

I’ve spent this week working, training at the museum, grabbing holiday drinks with friends, wrapping gifts, making out Christmas cards, purchasing last-minute gifts and then wrapping those, eating, fighting a stupid cold and eating some more. I also have to get ready for Scott’s birthday (it’s next week too), pack up almost everything I own (including all gifts and dirty laundry…literally, not figuratively) for our trip to see my mom for Christmas, prepare to be out of the office for a few days and finish year-end stuff there and actually finish gift-purchasing and gift wrapping. Then I have to strategically avoid looking at my bank account until my next paycheck in case I have a heart attack.


Why don’t people exchange vegetables at Christmas? I guess I could try but I’d look like a real fruit. Ha! 

Is it any wonder my brain feels like it’s been strangled with Christmas lights? I feel like I’m forgetting things even though I’ve created numerous lists and checked them way more than twice. How do people with kids do all of this without dashing through the halls and straight out the door into a loony-bin? I don’t know – the only thing I do know is that I’m almost sick of eating my weight in chocolate, pies, cookies and various other baked treats.

Almost. Because let’s be real – that sugar is what’s getting me through all this!

Merry merry holiday and all that jazz – enjoy what you can while you can because this season too will be over before we know it!


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