Holiday Recap

December 2, 2015 at 3:41 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

This time last week, I was enjoying sunshine and temperatures in the 80’s. Today I walked to work in a snowstorm. This time last week I was eating every single thing put in front of my face. Today I’m utilizing a new food/exercise tracker and imputing everything I eat.

Have we invented time travel yet?

No matter. My Thanksgiving was another one for the books and I was lucky in that no one shoved anyone else into the bayou and that there were enough Thanksgiving leftovers for two additional meals (for yours truly…I don’t know what anyone else ate).


If I ever shot something that was alive I think I would throw up

My trip to Louisiana included:

  • touring the historic Point Coupee Museum (all two rooms of it)
  • purchasing pecans from the factory where they’re shelled
  • shooting four different types of guns at a plastic gopher target in the middle of nowhere
  • eating an obscene amount of food
  • drinking an obscene amount of wine
  • drinking a beer at a bar called Fluidz
  • NOT getting drunk in New Orleans – a Thanksgiving miracle!
  • eating a decidedly non-vegetarian raw oyster to get my sister to buy me a few also decidedly expensive drinks
  • almost vomiting up said oyster and reinforcing my vegetarian ideals
  • seriously raw oysters taste like chewy snot
  • finding a vegetarian hot dog place in New Orleans and having a giant fauxdog even though I wasn’t even hungry – just excited to see it existing
  • nearly bearing witness to a shooting on Bourbon Street
  • NOT trying to fly out of the wrong airport like my sister (sorry, sis)

All in all it was another successful trip and I’m extremely thankful for the time spent with loved ones. And food. Did I mention how much I ate? I’m also thankful for a strong stomach and now that I’ve returned to reality, my gym membership. Bring on the Christmas cookies!

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