The White Stuff

November 20, 2015 at 4:30 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

It’s supposed to snow here in Chicago tonight, for the first time this season. With the way everyone is carrying on, you would think that this city has never seen snow before. They’re calling for 6-8 inches and that means we’ll probably get closer to 1-2 because the media and weather guys can’t help but use scare tactics to get us to tune in. So basically the whole city is prepared for the worst and I’m sitting here wishing I had booked my ticket to Louisiana for today instead of Monday.


Screw that, I’m taking the el.

Also, I’ll be out in the thick of it tomorrow. I have training for a new exhibit at The Field Museum from 9am – 4pm, which means I need to leave my apartment at the buttcrack of dawn in order to make it there in time. Technically, I could drive but I’m not so much a fan of driving in inclement weather so public transit it is. Also also, most of the other docents are older and they drive in from the suburbs so there’s a decent chance a lot of them will be staying home and so I definitely need to be there. Because obviously, if you don’t attend the training then you can’t work the exhibit!

I don’t think I’ll mind walking in the weather too much anyway because the first snowfall of the year is always pretty and a little magical. My tune will change in a couple of months when I’ve been staring at slushy, gray white stuff for what seems like an eternity but for now, I’ll enjoy the novelty. My thermos of coffee and I can get through anything!

Even a Chicago winter.


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