Ode to Daylight Savings Time

November 10, 2015 at 4:03 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

While an extra hour of sleep was a nice little gift

and the sun now greets me as I awake,

I sure could use an extra boost or lift

because now the days seem a little fake.

The sun almost starts to set while I’m out on lunch

and the dying light blinds me by mid-afternoon,

it’s not normal for humans to feel this, and according to my hunch

we’ll all be dealing with SAD very, very soon.

It’s completely dark by the time I leave work

and feels like midnight when I head home from the gym,

everywhere I look the night continues to lurk

it’s completely black outside – not even dim.

It zaps all of my energy and makes me want to sleep

I guess this is what hibernation is all about,

Laying down quietly and not making a peep

Using all your energy to cry and to pout.

Eventually the sun will come back and provide sunshine at the end of the day

While everything will brighten in my life,

And every year, this is all we can say:

the spring will make it worth dealing with all of this winter strife.



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