Potter’s Party

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After four years of begging, Scott finally agreed to dress as Ron to my Hermione for Halloween this year. I had to watch two months’ worth of horror movies in order to seal this deal but it was worth it, especially considering how our natural hair color made this costume super easy and all the more legit. We weren’t really sure what we were going to do for the big night since the party I had been planning on attending  didn’t wind up taking place but luckily the stars aligned the week before the holiday. We had a friend of mine over for dinner and she told us about how she was invited to a Harry Potter-themed party but she didn’t really know anyone other than the host and didn’t want to go alone. The party also happened to be a ten minute walk from our apartment and since our costumes were so spookily in-tune with the theme, how could we not go? It was magic!

  The party was magic, too. There were two apartments in the building hosting it and one was completely set up for Quidditch Beer Pong while the other had snacks, treats and all sorts of drinks that were entirely Harry Potter related. There was actual butterbeer in bottles appropriately labeled, snitch-shaped truffles and an entire bar dedicated to potions, brews and other mysterious beverages. Professor Slughorn served the booze and had a cooler full of dry ice at his side to ensure all drinks had an appropriate amount of smoke streaming from them. Seriously – this set up was legit and made me wish I knew how to throw such a spectacular shin-dig.

Our costumes were also a hit, especially among the children we passed en route to the party. Also, in a super-random turn of events, the host that our friend knew actually used to play softball with my sister when we were kids – she grew up in the town next door to mine and now lives down the street from me in Chicago. It really is a small world, even when you try to introduce the wizarding world to the mix!


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  1. Jeyna Grace said,

    The set up looks awesome!

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