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It’s been quite a week.

On Tuesday, I attended a luncheon/30th Anniversary Celebration for the Chicago Foundation for Women. There were roughly 1500 people in attendance and we had speakers who told us the impact that this organization has made in their lives. The Mayor of Chicago also spoke and the key speaker was Ashley Judd (yup, the actress). It was an informative and inspirational event and I’m really lucky that my company had a table that allowed me to go!

I may not eat chicken but I can beat it!

Tuesday evening, I had a meeting for the Volunteer Committee I’m on for the food pantry. We had our biggest annual fundraiser last Friday (and yours truly may have had too good a time…Saturday was a little rough for me) so we had a lot to discuss. I write a newsletter for the Pantry once a month so I’ve been working on that this week too (not to mention the old magazine articles that I still write each month but those are so habitual I barely register them anymore).

Last night, Thursday, I worked an event sponsored by the Chicago Ideas Week at the Field Museum. I basically hung out in one of my favorite exhibits for a few hours after work and talked to hundreds of teenagers who wandered through. It was fun but not going to lie, my voice was leaving me by the end of the night.

Today, I’m leaving work early to attend an outing with some of the women I work with. We’re going to The Chopping Block, which provides cooking classes and a cooking class is something I’ve never done. Prepare for highlights on that sometime next week – at least, if I don’t somehow manage to cut off a finger. My culinary skills are a little haphazard so we’ll see how this goes!

Finally, tomorrow I’ll be working at the first event with Boy Scouts at the Field Museum for the season (I have three total this month). I’m teaching groups all about archaeology and we’re doing mock digs. I totally dig it! Yes, I went there. It should be fun but it’ll be a long day.

What will I do on Sunday? Probably hide from all adult responsibilities for as long as I can. At the laundromat. Hopefully with all fingers intact!


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