Phoning In

August 15, 2015 at 9:35 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday, I upgraded my phone on my lunch break. I made the transition to a smart phone way back in 2010 and in 2012 I jumped from an Android to an iPhone. I’m not a huge tech person and I had the iPhone 4 for two years before Verizon changed their entire business model yesterday and released me from the tyranny of the two-year contract. Basically, instead of waiting for the end of my contract to upgrade my phone and start another contract, Verizon now allows me (and you and whoever, I’m no special snowflake) to upgrade at any time if you pay for part of the phone. I made this poor rep in the store explain things to me about seven times because I’ve had contracts since I was like 16 and wanted to be completely sure I understood everything and wasn’t getting screwed. In the end, he convinced me to pay the extra cash and get the iPhone 6, which I must admit is pretty awesome. My payment also included the purchase of two phone chargers, a portable charger, a case and a few screens. AND I don’t have to deal with a crappy contract! Plus, my camera is way better and my phone will now sync with our AppleTV, which is also pretty awesome. Even though I just learned what AppleTV is like a month ago.

I hear you, sister. With my hearing aid.

I must admit, I felt pretty ancient when the Verizon rep was explaining things to me. Since I’ve never upgraded from one iPhone to another I wasn’t sure how everything would transfer and asked if he could give me a piece of paper and pencil so I could write down which apps I would need to download again. He managed not to laugh at me when he said they would all switch over automatically and when I worried I’d lose photos and texts he continued to patiently explain how the world of phone transfers now works. My mind was blown but I tried to play it cool when he handed me a phone that had the exact same interface as the one I just turned in. Okay that’s a lie, I was pretty impressed and let forth a few exclamations that admitted just that. Then I panicked because I had forgotten my wallet at work (because it’s always wise to go shopping sans wallet) and offered to leave everything I had on me as collateral while I ran back to retrieve it. He couldn’t hide his reaction this time and I caught him slightly rolling his eyes as he informed me they could just charge my account. Apparently things have evolved so much I don’t even need a wallet nowadays and it was just another moment where I felt like a grandma. Except I think my grandma has had the iPhone 6 for a while now.

In the end, I grabbed my walker and prune juice and hobbled from the store slightly poorer but much more “with-it” than I was before. At least I will be once I can find some young whippersnapper to show me how this all works!

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