Super Summer

August 11, 2015 at 4:32 pm (Uncategorized)

This summer has been a busy one. Here’s a smattering of things that have kept me occupied since the beginning of May:

  • Three weekends hosting friends/family at our apartment
  • One weekend home for a baptism
  • One weekend home for a funeral
  • One weekend in Louisiana to visit family
  • One weekend in Texas for a wedding
  • Six weekends of food pantry/museum stuff
  • Three fancy work events involving boozing and schmoozing that happened to be on the same Wednesday night
  • One night at a fancy charity gala where I also got to booze and schmooze, courtesy of a woman I work with
  • One Howl at the Moon party featuring cheap drinks and dueling pianos

    I’ve totally got this. So long as a stork doesn’t drop a baby in my lap.

And here’s a few things I have on the horizon between now and the end of next month:

  • Four weekends of food pantry/museum stuff
  • One weekend visiting old college friends in Bloomington
  • One weekend helping at a family yard sale at home
  • One Groupon Pontoon Boat ride that was hard as hell to schedule and better be worth it

Oh yeah, and I have that pesky day job and visit with friends and whatnot as well. But am I complaining about all of this? It may seem like it but honestly, no. Pretty much everything I listed above (with the exception of the funeral) are fun things and I’m lucky to have so much good stuff going on! Though I will admit that this coming Saturday is looking to be the most laid-back, relaxed day I’ve had in a while and I’m quite excited about it. Even if I know I’ll find something to do!

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