Special Delivery

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A woman I work with has been using one of those home meal-delivery services for a while now and she’s been telling me how great it all is. This is the type of service that sends you enough food for a specific number of meals, along with detailed recipes, to theoretically alleviate the stress of buying and cooking dinners. She had a few free trials and recently offered to let me try one out, so I received a huge refrigerated box full of food – and free of charge!

There was a lot of great looking produce, cheeses, sides and breads inside the box and I was pretty excited when I opened it up and took inventory. I decided to try my first meal that very night and was encouraged because it said the cooking time was 30 minutes. I don’t typically make things from recipes because I’m lazy and hate following directions but I dove head first into this meal. And let me tell you, it did not take 30 minutes – it was way longer than that. Apparently the 30 minutes didn’t take into account the time it took to wash, cut up and prep everything and that’s the stuff I hate doing anyway. My quick and easy meal took about an hour to make and involved way more prep than I’m used to doing. But I remained confident that the finished product would be more than worth it so I plugged along, even though I was pretty damn hungry by this point.

Told you it was a lot of food.

Told you it was a lot of food.

I’m not sure if it was my lack of culinary skills or just bad luck but my finished meal didn’t look anything like the photograph and it sure didn’t taste how I was expecting, either. I was attempting to make some Indian tortilla wrap with paneer cheese, potatoes, green peppers and some other stuff which I’ve already forgotten. The food had a problem staying in the wrap and it was honestly kind of bland so I ended up using my own spices to add some flavor and I just dipped the damn tortilla in hummus I already had as a side. By the time Scott got home I was grumpy, disheartened and still slightly hungry. Not the best first foray into the world of home delivery cooking.

There were two more recipes in the box but I had a hard time finding the motivation to go through the whole endeavor again. One dish was a quinoa salad concoction and the other was huevos rancheros and Scott said he’d give it a try one evening. Apparently the quinoa didn’t cook how it was supposed to and he ended up using ingredients from both meals to make a mash up egg meal that wasn’t bad but wasn’t exactly what he was aiming for, either. After that we completely gave up and used the food to cook whatever we wanted until it was gone. At least nothing went to waste!

Our method of cooking is mostly throwing things together that sound good and hoping for the best so apparently these sort of meal prep dishes aren’t the best thing for us. After all, I clearly failed at being a domestic cooking goddess, but that doesn’t really bother me. What did bother me was the amount of packaging that went into our delivery; it’s a necessary evil of having so many different types of food delivered to your door but throwing out all of that plastic really turned me off. As did the price – if I had stuck with it I would have been paying $60/week for the three meals (though there was enough to feed two people and we actually had leftovers from the dish I made. Whether that was because of portion size or taste is a different question).

In the end, it was an interesting experiment but not one I’ll be sticking to in the future. I rather prefer my own less-structured and far less time-consuming method of going about things anyway. Plus, my way allows me the occasional bowl of cereal for dinner and no home delivery service is going to provide me with that!


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