RIP Uncle Dave

June 24, 2015 at 5:51 pm (Uncategorized) ()

My Uncle Dave was my godfather and he was the strongest man I’ve ever known. He did not have an easy life as he was involved in some serious accidents from the time he was a little boy until…well, basically until the day he died. He was a quadriplegic for as long as I knew him due to an unfortunate incident when he was playfully pushed into a swimming pool and even though I never knew him to walk, I’ve had recurring dreams where he did. Despite the challenges that he constantly battled, he always had a smile on his face and I never heard him complain. Ever. He was an inspiration to me and to many others and yesterday he lost a hard-fought battle. I know that he is finally at peace and that he’s better off now than where he spent the last few months of his life. That still doesn’t make it any easier to tell him goodbye.

I’m lucky in that I haven’t lost too many people dear to me so this is all sort of unchartered territory. It does make it easier knowing that his suffering is over but the fact that I live about five hours from my closest family member weighs heavily on me. I will be heading home tomorrow and staying until Saturday evening so I’m looking forward to spending time with my loved ones, even though the circumstances leave something to be desired.

I just feel so…weird…about all of this. My uncle’s experiences in the hospital and near-hospice like center have infuriated our family because the quality of care he received was absolutely sub-par. The amount of paperwork, mistakes, red-tape bullshit and overall incompetence is pretty mind-blowing and I unfortunately now understand what a shambles our health-care system is in. Not to get on my soapbox but I’d like to see some politicians watch their loved ones wither away and die like my family just did with my uncle and then see if policies stay the same. As if families don’t have enough to deal with.

I’m a little all over the place and don’t really care. So here’s a poem that I’m keeping handy right now and I hope that it may provide a little solace to anyone who’s grieving, as it’s done to me:



Uncle Dave, I hope wherever you are you can walk, you can run and you can dance. You deserve it.


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