Tornadoes and Floods and Hawks, Oh My!

June 16, 2015 at 6:01 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

Yesterday was a weird day in Chicago.

The weather was particularly screwy, what with it spewing rain one minute and heat, sunshine and humidity the next. I went to lunch around 1pm and it was drizzling and gross, yet when I walked back outside an hour later to return to work the sun was steaming the sidewalks and it seemed like a glorious day. Not three hours later, the loud and The-Apocalypse-Is-Nigh sirens  began blaring throughout the Loop to signify tornados and flash flooding in the area. This was roughly 5pm, when myself and most of the city were trying to commute our way home. I managed to make it to the el relatively dry but when I stepped off at my stop about half an hour later, it was like some movie set intern was dumping buckets of water just about everywhere. All I could do was laugh, to be honest. My umbrella wept in protest and in the end didn’t provide much relief as I was so wet when I reached the gym that I was literally wringing water from my clothes. My backpack was soaked too, which meant my gym clothes and book were wet. And my gym shoes? Well, I wore them on my walk from the train so they were completely screwed.

I sat with a blow dryer in the gym for about 15 minutes to make my workout as dry as possible but I was still uncomfortably damp the entire time. I thought about just going home but I figured if I was already wet and miserable I might as well be wet and miserable at the gym and get some calories burned out of it. On the plus side, the gym was empty! It could’ve been due to the weather or it could’ve been due to the force otherwise known as the Blackhawks.

The entire day had me feeling like the girl in the white shirt.

Yup, they won their third Stanley Cup Championship in six years last night. I’m not going to lie and pretend I’m a huge hockey buff or even a bandwagon fan, though I do think it’s cool they won and I obviously support any team from the town I live in. But to be completely honest, Scott and I were catching up on the season finale of Game of Thrones while the Hawks were playing and we kind of forgot about the game. Until the fireworks started, that is. We heard some noise and then some more noise and as Scott wondered aloud whether we needed to be worried about potential gunshots, I realized what was going on. The whole city was celebrating, high water and bad weather be damned! People were packing the streets all over town and while it looked like fun, we didn’t go out and participate in any of the revelry. I mean, I was completely dry and on my couch, what do you want of me?

And don’t even get me started on the finale of Game of Thrones. As if I hadn’t dealt with enough water for the day, it started pouring down my face as the credits rolled. So I guess I wasn’t completely dry after all but I was in my pajamas. And once those go on and the bra comes off, the only way I’m leaving my house is if a tornado sucks me out

PS – While I was at the gym, I was browsing a magazine while on the elliptical and the individual TV on my machine was on. I didn’t have headphones in and wasn’t paying it much attention but it was captioned and at one point, I happened to glance up and see a HUGE MAJOR BIG GIANT spoiler for the finale of GoT. I almost fell off of the machine right then and instead automatically started hitting the screen, as if that would help. What the hell, brain and/or airwaves?! Couldn’t have waited two more seconds? Story of my life.


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