Swamp Thing

June 11, 2015 at 5:52 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

While in Louisiana last weekend, Scott and I teamed up with a couple of my cousins to do the most Louisiana thing we could think of – an alligator airboat tour through a bayou. It was an activity we could really sink our teeth into!

No, I’m not sorry for that joke.

See you later, alligator.

See you later, alligator.

We arrived in this little place after driving nearly two hours into swamp country. Even my cousin, who grew up in Louisiana herself, said she’d never been that far in the bayou. The four of us joined a couple from Dallas on the airboat, which was a glorified fishing boat with a huge car engine strapped to the back (it was safer and more legit than it sounds, I promise). We pulled out of the no-wake zone and our Cajun guide gunned the whole contraption as he pointed us straight towards a giant patch of large trees and weeds. At the very last possible second, he swerved the boat and we all felt like we were on a roller coaster. Not going to lie, it was pretty damn cool!

We also got to meet a few alligators, most notable a large 14-foot male, a slightly smaller female and a juvenile that was about four feet long. These alligators weren’t near one another and were instead spread throughout the bayou – apparently they’re slightly territorial animals. Who knew. The swamp tour hangs around them enough where they were expecting the raw chicken our guide gave out and at one point we were even able to touch the big guy’s tail, but they were in no way docile. The female began lunging from the water and she could’ve easily taken out our boat so we bade her farewell before we all became gator bait.

While on the tour, we were also able to see some pretty incredible wildlife and ecology, including some rodent called the Nutria rat and a tree that had fallen over in the bayou but still retained a source of nourishment, so the branches became trees on their own and the whole thing flourished. It was all very interesting and very entertaining – definitely worth the drive and the price of admission. So if you’re ever in the South and want to experience the type of thing Yankee tourists only dream about, let me know and I’ll hook you up with your own wild ride!


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