Summer Time Fun Time

June 1, 2015 at 6:44 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Is a slow summer full of weekends with nothing to do other than laying around at the beach only available in dreams and movies? Not that I’m complaining – everything I’ve got going on this summer is super fun and none of it involves wearing a bridesmaid dress (like I spent so much of my time last summer doing) so I am STOKED! Here’s a rundown, basically so I can try to get my own ducks in a row:

  • My sister and her bf came to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend and we spent the entire time walking all through various neighborhoods, enjoying the park and a music festival, water taxi-ing to Chinatown and doing lots of eating and drinking. So that was that weekend.
  • Last weekend I headed to my hometown with Scott so I could watch my goddaughter be baptized (actually, I guess there was some participation on my end involved in that…who knew I had to buy a gift?!) and we were also able to put a deposit down on the venue for our wedding next year. So that’s happening! Please note it did not entail wearing a bridesmaid dress. Also please note how ironic it will be for this agnostic to take part in a ritualized Catholic ceremony. Apparently my whole family was surprised when I didn’t burst into flame, so I’ve got that going for me.
  • This weekend Scott and I will be flying to Louisiana to visit my dad, who’s been dealing with some health stuff and could use the company. Hopefully we’ll get to see lots of family and go on a swamp tour. Wow, that sentence certainly can’t be said for many places.
  • The second weekend in June is so far the slowest one I’ve got on the books, so maybe we’ll be crazy and go camping. Or just watch Jurassic World on repeat as it opens that weekend.
  • The weekend after that is the 30th annual Greater Chicago Hunger Walk and it’s a huge event that raises money for many food pantries, including the one I’m a part of. Let me know if you want to participate because we can use all the supporters we can get!
  • The last weekend in June we’ll be hosting a friend of mine from high school, as she’s coming up for the U2 concert and decided to make a long weekend out of it.
  • The following weekend is the 4th of July and my mom will be crashing on the couch as per her usual summer holiday visit.
  • THEN OH MY GOD I HAVE TWO WHOLE WEEKENDS TOTALLY FREE WHATEVER SHALL I DO? Oh wait that’s still two months out. Surely they’ll be filled by then.
  • The last weekend in July will be spent in Texas at a cousin’s wedding. Bring on the free booze!

Obviously this isn’t true.


And that’s basically where I’m at because my mind can’t even process something like another month of summer. Anything in August is just going to have to wait, because all that’s listed above are solely weekend activities. There’s no mention of the various things I’ve got going on during the week because my head might explode. But luckily I still have my trusty planner to help me keep it all sorted out!


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