Work Perks

May 26, 2015 at 6:49 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

The company I work for will be moving into a brand new building in 2017 and preparations are already underway. Our break room was recently renovated to a “concept space” of what our new building’s facilities will be like and let me tell you, these renovations are nice. Gone are the random tables and chairs and in their place are flat screen televisions, nice couches, swivel chairs with footstools and booths that you can camp out in. We also now have a “quiet room” which is a one-person space with a reclining chair that you can reserve for brief periods throughout the day. It also has the nickname of the “nap room” and I can attest to that!

Mine, all mine!

The kitchen features coffee machines full of Intelligentsia coffee and there are separate coffee machines that will brew pretty much any kind of specialty coffee you can imagine, free of charge. I’m a fan of the vanilla lattes but I’m trying to limit my consumption of those to a couple of times a week. God knows my coffee intake has drastically risen with the installation of these new machines! We also have a fancy new soda fountain that allows you to choose any Coke product and then add shots of different flavors, i.e. a raspberry Dasani water or a grape Sprite (again, free of charge). Anyone who has ever made a suicide knows how dangerous something like this can be and it’s basically every teenage boy’s soda dream come true.

They’ve also got tons of snacks and lunch options in refrigerators, taking vending machines totally to the next level. That stuff’s not free though and I’m pretty proud of how I’ve managed to stay away from all of the ice cream sandwiches and bags of chips…at least, so far. They’re really making it so  you never feel like you have to leave the office, which I think is kind of the point. If employees are totally hopped up on coffee all day long and can just run down a few flights of stairs to grab lunch, more work will surely get done. As the number of  coffee addictions will dramatically rise, but I’m sure our company doesn’t really mind that side effect!

Besides the fancy-pants kitchen, they have concept workspaces as well. Our new office will be very modern and as paperless as possible so people are testing out new sitting arrangements all over the place. They seem pretty cool and my favorite feature are the desks with the option to raise them to standing position or lower them back down for a chair – it will be so nice to stand up sometimes! I’ll feel like an actual person who isn’t chained to her desk! But I won’t get to enjoy that feature until we actually move as I wasn’t deemed a tester. Doesn’t stop me from testing all that coffee though!

As if all this wasn’t enough, they tried to entice people to come check out this new space all last week and had all kinds of additional perks to lure us in. I had a 10 minute massage last Wednesday and Thursday they served Garrett’s Popcorn so that was pretty great. There will be a happy hour Friday afternoon and it was a perfect way to kick off a long weekend!

Maybe daily Kahlua and coffee will be next? A girl employee can only hope!

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