Child’s Play

April 29, 2015 at 8:46 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Last Thursday was Bring Your Kid To Work Day so I was excited for some adorable children to keep me distracted during the day, but only one showed up. Well, only one on our floor at least. There was some huge out-of-town meeting so a lot of bankers weren’t even around and those that were had a day-long conference to attend, so it wasn’t exactly a great day to have a kid tagging along. My supervisor brought in her 7-year-old stepson though so that was cool and we ended up BFF’s by the end of the day. No really.

How exactly did I earn the respect and friendship of a strange youth? Easy – I had an unopened owl pellet in my bag (because of course I did) so we spent some time dissecting it. Considering how this kid was filing folders and stocking paper clip holders prior to our playdate, my little scientific experiment was a welcome distraction. My supervisor only teased me for a minute about the weird stuff I carry around because she was ultimately grateful that I could keep her stepson entertained for more than five minutes. And he found three skulls in the pellet! THREE! That’s seriously impressive. He took all of the bones and pieces back home to show off to his father, who I’m sure was just as thrilled as my supervisor to have this stuff laying around their house.

So that’s an owl pellet and those are animal bones.

As fun as it was, I’m still not sold on the whole idea of procreating myself. But so long as I keep things like owl pellets in my purse, I can always make a pint-sized friend! That’s not weird or creepy at all, is it?


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