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You know what sucks? Bronchitis. Bronchitis sucks. That’s what I was officially diagnosed with on Monday afternoon and that’s what I’ve been fighting ever since. The good news is that my voice is back and I’m feeling better! The bad news is I’m still sucking down medication and I can’t go back to the gym for like five more days. I know to some people that wouldn’t exactly be the worst thing to hear but I actually like going to the gym so it bums me out. HOWEVER, skipping working out frees up my evenings and tomorrow is the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the Field so I’ll be making the most of that. And I’ve scheduled myself for a massage on Friday, so take THAT bronchitis!

I didn’t go to work yesterday and spent the majority of the day in my pajamas, watching Netflix. I managed to trek out to the grocery for soup at one point and then promptly wore myself out so back to the couch it was. Because I’m roughly 15 years behind any societal trends or fads, I started watching Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and that’s been keeping me company while I recuperate. The show is admittedly cheesy but it contains actors I don’t hate and Sarah Michelle Gellar is pretty easy on the eyes, so it’s been a good distraction. And will continue to be a good distraction this evening when I lay myself back down on the couch.


Speaking of the couch, it’s one we bought like a year ago and I’m not too fond of it because it’s not as comfortable as I initially imagined. This is because it’s a futon couch. Granted, it’s a nice futon couch and not something you’d see in a college dorm room but still. We bought it because we knew having an extra bed in our apartment would come in handy when housing houseguests and I’ve gotten used to it at this point but I still fantasize about the huge, plush sectional I WILL one day own. But realistically, something like that wouldn’t even fit comfortably in our living room so the futon it is. Ok, now that I’m done bitching about it I will say that it is actually decently comfortable as a bed and that’s what I’ve been using it for while I binge Netflix. And that’s what I’m looking forward to tonight – laying on the futon/couch, slurping soup and binging Buffy.

Actually, maybe bronchitis doesn’t suck so bad after all!

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