It’s Not Easy Being Green

March 16, 2015 at 6:49 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

There’s clearly a lot going on.

Saint Patrick’s Day was celebrated here in Chicago last weekend and since the weather was warm, all of the drunks came out to play. I didn’t attend any River dying or Parade-watching myself as I was volunteering at the Museum instead, but I did manage to witness some of the insanity. Here’s a snipped of what I was privy to:

  • Empty Bud Light cans rolling all over the train at 11:30am.
  • Packed train cars full of people wearing beads and other St. Patrick’s Day paraphernalia.
  • Guy with old school boom box on the train, thus creating a dance party.
  • Vomit.
  • Two separate fights on my way out of the train station. One seemed to be between bros I mean friends and the other looked like two strangers wanting to pummel each other for actually being bumped into. It was a super crowded train station so I’m not sure what they were expecting but apparently the booze brought out the bruiser in them.

This was all before even getting to the museum. While there, I saw many people dressed like they were about to go bar hopping, mixed with the families who told me they went to the parade and now looked dead on their feet. Dragging small children through the drunkfest that is the river dying or the parade didn’t seem appealing to me in the slightest so I could feel their pain. Then came my afternoon commute home.

  • Cue super wasted girl completely passed out on the sidewalk, where her friends were desperate to get her up and moving, with one friend saying she felt like she was about to pass out as well. Police were headed in that general direction as I walked by so I assume (hope) they just wound up in the drunk tank and not the hospital.
  • Another fight at a different train platform. Because testosterone plus alcohol is a lovely, soothing combination.
  • Guy telling friends he’s going home to write a paper and would meet up with them later. Honestly – that was the most surprising thing I witnessed all day.

Scott and I wound down the night by having some friends over for dinner and a movie (quesadillas and Alien, for the curious) and let me just say, staying away from the bar scene was the smartest move I made all weekend. If that makes me sound old then go ahead and sign me up for AARP because I just don’t care. However, I realize this isn’t the most typical view and that was highlighted today while I walked around downtown on my lunch break. Some girl with bright blue hair, who was clearly a decade or so younger than me, came up and said she was a journalism student and asked if she could briefly interview me about Saint Patrick’s Day weekend. Sure, why not. She asked what I did for the holiday and I think my answer about volunteering at a museum and having friends over for dinner slightly disappointed her but oh well. We chatted a bit and even if she didn’t fully understand my happiness over not being a drunken mess on Saturday, she took notes and nodded like she appreciated it. I know my liver appreciates it too.

Bonus – the gym was super quiet yesterday because I think most people were too hungover to come work out. Score another point for the boring grown-ups!

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