January Book Club Review

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Well, I’ve kind of slacked on doing these lately but we ladies met again last week so here you go!

We went to Chez Simo, which is a French restaurant that opened last year in my neighborhood. It was a brunch place before it went all French and I used to love going there (the coffee was especially delicious). I was pretty bummed when that restaurant closed down and even more bummed when I realized that most French food isn’t exactly vegetarian-friendly, which may or may not be why I had never been there before. We were reading My Life in France by Julia Child so obviously the French theme was appropriate but my dietary fears were unfounded and I had a tres bien meal!  I started with an asparagus soup that had a generous chunk of brie cheese floating in the middle, which went really well together. It was delicious and inspired me to make my own asparagus soup at some point. Then I had a beet salad that had green beans and almonds, which was also very good. I’m not someone who eats a ton of beets but that may have to change! Chez Simo is also BYOB which is always super fantastic and there’s a liquor store right across the street so it was convenient as well.

Watch out!

As for the book, no one seemed too incredibly impressed. I liked it myself but will admit that it wasn’t exactly thrilling. Julia talks all about how she got interested in cooking and writing cookbooks and also describes her nomadic life in Europe and the US. Her husband worked for the government and was stationed in both Paris and Germany (and perhaps elsewhere that I haven’t read about yet) so they were constantly packing up and moving on. It’s all interesting but I’m not exactly a chef myself and a lot of the dishes she talks about have French names so I have no idea what she’s going on about. There are lots of details she gets into that I could live without but I guess it’s to be expected from a woman who experimented with dozens of different types of recipes for mayonnaise before finally being satisfied. And you don’t even want to know how long it took her to perfect her pie crusts. That said, it was pretty empowering to read about a woman who didn’t find her true passion in life until her late 30’s and then achieved success way after that. Gives me hope for writing that great novel yet!



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