‘Tis the Season

December 19, 2014 at 8:35 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

This is the first year in all of my years that I attended a holiday work party. I’ve had many jobs during the course of my lifetime but the only one that ever did anything for the holidays was when I worked with young kids in college and that was with all of said kids anyway. The whole get-drunk-and-eat-food-on-the-company’s-dime thing seemed to me a thing of myths and dreams. Hell, last year the firm I was working for was sued and filed bankruptcy the Friday before Christmas so there was obviously no celebrating going on over there. This year, everything’s different!

My current firm had a company-wide holiday party at the ballroom of a fancy-schmancy hotel down the street a couple of weeks ago. There are something like 1,000 people who work here so it was a pretty big event, complete with multiple buffet tables, open bar and even kids singing Christmas carols in the halls. They served all kinds of seafood and meats in addition to a table of Mexican fare, a ton of pasta and individual flatbread pizzas. There were also tables full of different kinds of dessert and like I mentioned, the open bar. Open bar! Yeah, the whole thing was pretty awesome.

Sadly, they didn’t serve any goat cheese.

THEN I realized that my department has their own holiday party as well. So last week those I work with more directly were treated to another night of free food and booze, this time at The Girl and the Goat. This is a super-trendy restaurant in Chicago that’s owned and operated by Stephanie Izard, who I think won the first season of Top Chef. She was there bossing her crew around as they hustled out the food and beverages, which were aplenty. Unfortunately, much of the menu revolves around meat (yes, including goat) so my options were a little limited. However, the salad, bread and cauliflower dish I had were all amazing and I absolutely got seconds. And if I’m going to be honest, I had more than seconds on the drinks!

On top of all that – the administrative assistants had a catered lunch from some completely delicious Italian place today. And apparently our bosses are very generous during this time of the year – I put together little “Cajun Care Packages” for all of those I work for, which consisted of roasted pecans that were grown, shelled and bagged in the Louisiana town where my dad’s family lives, plus some hot sauces and seasonings. Not much, but a little something. I really don’t care if my bosses get me anything in return but I’ve had a few hints that they will, which is super generous, thoughtful and appreciated. And yesterday, a guy I only semi-work for took me and another admin out to lunch and gave me a gift certificate for a massage. I mean, who wouldn’t love that?

Sure beats getting a pink slip and becoming unemployed, that’s for damn sure!

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