Bloody Mess

November 25, 2014 at 10:22 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

I donated blood last week. This was only the second or third time I’ve ever donated and let me tell you, it still hurts. Previously, I’ve donated to the American Red Cross (even though I think their policy banning gay men to donate is complete and utter bullshit) but last week a smaller, independent donation came to the building I worked in. While they had some of the same out-of-date crappy policies as the Red Cross, I felt like it was a good thing to do anyway. Plus I’m not entirely selfless – by donating blood, I got a free iron test (and my levels are great, which is kind of surprising for a vegetarian), I’ll find out my blood type and I got some free juice and cookies. And a sticker. So it’s a win-win for everyone!

Bloody hell.

Except yeah, it hurt. I’m kind of a baby with needles and couldn’t even look in the direction of the one sucking my blood so instead I focused on the bright green socks the dude next to me was sporting. He seemed to appreciate that. Also, my fears weren’t exactly alleviated when the girl ahead of me passed out after her donation and brought back traumatic/funny memories of when my little sister visited me in college during my freshman year. She had just turned 17 and they were having a blood drive in my dorm so we donated and then a bit later she passed out in my hallway. Everyone thought I had gotten her drunk but I really do promise it was because of the lack of blood (Mom – I swear!). I’m not sure if she’s donated since then or not but these images were definitely in my mind when it was my turn. I squeezed that little ball they give you pretty quickly in an attempt to pump my blood faster so I’d be done as soon as possible and that actually worked, which was awesome. In fact, the registration process too longer than the actual donation! Then came the free juice and cookies, which was everything I had been hoping for.

Last week I also received a letter from Pantene Lengths, the place where I donated my hair earlier this year, verifying that they were able to use my donation. Between my hair and my blood I think I’ve done my good deeds for this season, right?

So can I get another cookie?


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