Cruises and Cubbies

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Not a bad view

Not a bad view

On Friday, my fellow administrative assistants and I were treated to an annual outing that was pretty dang awesome.  We all left work around noon, hopped in cabs and headed to Navy Pier, where we caught a huge yacht for a lunch cruise.  The ship was named The Odyssey and it’s the same one I took Scott out on for his birthday the year we started dating.  It’s super nice and we were given some adult beverages to enjoy while we shipped off from the dock.  The day was absolutely beautiful so obviously many photos were taken.  We then enjoyed a three-course lunch, complete with the best bread pudding I’ve ever had in my life for dessert.  There was a bit more drinking going on throughout but not enough to get me out on the dance floor (though there were people out there shaking and moving).  The cruise was about two hours long and then I got a free taxi ride back home, which was also very nice.  Between that cruise and working a conference for my office last week, I’ve been in a cab more often in the last seven days than I think I have in my entire time living in Chicago.  Not that I’m complaining – they sure are handy, especially when they’re free!

So close we could almost feel them sweat

So close we could almost feel them sweat

On Saturday, I used the absolutely phenomenal tickets I was given through work to attend a Cubs game with Scott and some friends.  They brought their baby and he sure got lucky for his first time being at Wrigley Field.  The tickets were literally in the third row behind home plate and we were all just plain giddy the whole time we sat there.  Unfortunately, it started raining in the 5th inning and didn’t really stop so that put a literal damper on things.  Still, it was amazing to sit close enough to the players to hear them talk and we are so lucky that one of the guys at my office couldn’t use those tickets.  We all felt like a VIP and it was nice to get a glimpse of a world that I will probably never, ever live in.  But it was fun to pretend!

And now – five days until I leave for my vacation!  You can bet your ass I’ll be blogging more about that!

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