Me Learn Good

August 18, 2014 at 7:30 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

So my company has been providing free Microsoft Word and Excel training over the last few weeks and I’ve been participating in as much as I can because, hey free training.  My experiences taking placement tests with recruiters earlier this year showed me that I’m at least proficient in these programs but MAN is there a lot I don’t know.  If anything, these classes have showed me just how ignorant I really am (insert flashback to college here).  It’s been weird taking three hours out of my workday to sit and take notes and at first it made me think about how much I missed school.  And if these courses were just a little more interesting to me I’m sure I’d still feel that way but after spending hours upon hours learning about pivot tables and graphs and inserting and formulas and all kinds of other stuff that’s falling out of my brain, I’ve decided I don’t want to be an expert in Word or Excel.  Proficient suits me just fine. 

Getting schooled.

Sure, I’ve learned a lot and now have some handy hacks and shortcuts I’ll be using going forward.  However, a lot of what was taught is kind of beyond anything I currently do in my day-to-day job and as the saying goes, if you don’t use it you lose it.  Sort of like how you lose weight if you’re just sitting around not using your body much (okay I guess it doesn’t apply to everything).  Anyway the classes did come with some snazzy workbooks that I got to keep so in case I ever need to remember how to modify a legacy’s form field properties, I’ll be all set.  I also learned all sorts of keyboard shortcuts for Excel that will apparently save me time since I don’t have to use my mouse, but to be honest I think it’ll take me longer to remember/look up those keyboard functions than it would to actually use the damn mouse so I’m not sure how well that’ll work in the future.  I do have a cheat sheet next to my phone now though so perhaps I’ll keep practicing until the mouse simply becomes obsolete.

Yeah, right.

Regardless of how much I’ve actually retained, it’s done me some good to be exposed to all of the possibilities Microsoft has to offer.  There’s more to that program than just MS Paint, ya’ll!  And now I can show you how it’s all done.  So long as I can bring my workbooks, of course.


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