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Oh, the joys of pet ownership.

The Dude was not impressed

The Dude was not impressed

If you’re a friend of mine or have followed this blog for any amount of time, you know the trouble and heartache I went through with my last cat, Catsby (may her fetch-loving, furry soul rest in peace).  She was diabetic and I spent a sort of insane amount of time and money dealing with that for about a year.  Well, after she passed and Scott and I adopted our new cat, The Dude, I reveled in having a low maintenance pet once again.  Other than the occasional grooming or routine vet appointment, The Dude was as laidback and easy going as his namesake (yes, from The Big Lebowski).  Until a couple of weeks ago, that is.

We took him in for his annual checkup two weeks ago and were promptly informed that he needed the feline equivalent of a root canal.  Which I guess is still called a root canal?  Who knows.  I’ve never been through anything like that myself but apparently they are NOT cheap.  As in, this procedure cost about the same as a month’s worth of rent.  Luckily, I have a partner I can share these expenses with (and a credit card), because damn.  But once the vet pointed it out, even we could see that it looked inflamed and painful.  So we set the appointment and I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn on Friday (my day off) to get it all taken care of.

Apparently one of the two teeth removed was in such bad shape that it shattered right when they tried to take it out.  My poor cat!  He was all sorts of knocked out during the surgery so I’m sure he didn’t feel a thing and then we had a steady supply of pain meds that we shot into his mouth every 8 hours, so it’s not like he was being tortured.  In fact, he got downright dopey and while it was kind of funny, we also felt bad for our fuzzy little guy.  But what else could we do?  When you choose to be a caretaker for an animal, you sometimes get screwed in the cost department.  I imagine parents feel the same way.  He seems to be feeling better though and hopefully after we take him in for his wellness check this week we can avoid the vet for at least another year.  He’s got stiches in his mouth that are almost fully disintegrated and the fancy wet cat food in his dish so he should be well on the road to recovery.  And hey, maybe this will even stop him from meowing all night and making me want to strangle him with his own tail!

Aren’t pets fun?


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