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Chicago got hit by a massive storm last night and I got to walk home in it.  Granted, my walk was only about five blocks but it was NOT FUN.

Not yesterday but close enough.

I was at the gym when the storm hit and I basically watched the sky grow darker and darker before it became pitch black, all in about a five minute period.  When I left it was like the skies had opened up long enough to dump buckets of water straight over me.  The streets were flooded pretty much immediately and while I did have an umbrella, I was more concerned that it was going to kill me than keep me dry.  There was more lightning than I’ve ever seen in my life and I could picture my umbrella acting as a rod to fry my poor little self while I huddled over my gym bag trying to run home.  Seriously, the lightning was so close I could smell it and I couldn’t help but freak out a bit.  I may or may not have screamed a little, too, but in the end there wasn’t really any damage.  Car alarms were going off all over the place though and I felt like I was in a bad Tom Cruise action flick.  I passed a UPS delivery guy and seriously considered bribing him to drive me to my door but he looked as miserable as I felt so I just kept running.

I eventually made it home and none of my possessions were ruined due to water damage but I was completely drenched.  Thanks, umbrella.  After a hot shower and good meal I was able to actually enjoy the storm a little bit, as the lightning was pretty impressive and lasted for hours.  Thankfully it had cleared up by the time I had to walk to the el this morning but my sneakers were still soaked so they stayed at home.  And if the weather had been one iota as bad this morning as it was last night, my ass would have stayed at home too!


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