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Most people who live in big cities have a city-specific bucket list – places to go that you just haven’t gotten around to in your day-to-day life but that hang out on the periphery, just waiting to be utilized.  I’ve got quite a few of these for Chicago and while I’m slowly whittling that list down, there are some things that I just haven’t done yet.  I’ve found that when people come to visit it provides me with better opportunities to check things off of my list and Sunday night proved just that.  After standing in yet another wedding over the weekend, Scott and I drove back to Chicago where he dropped me off downtown so I could meet up with an aunt and two of my cousins who are around my age and live in Texas.  My aunt is here for a conference and brought the girls along, since they’d never been to the Windy City.  I usually only get to see these women once a year so I was really excited they were visiting and even though I still had hair spray in my hair from that wedding, I downed a bunch of coffee and hung out.  We went out for dinner and then they suggested getting a drink – at the Signature Lounge atop the Hancock Tower.  This is one of those places I’ve always wanted to visit but just haven’t been to yet.  The view is supposedly the best in the city and you don’t have to pay admission, you only have to buy a drink.  Not a bad trade, to be honest!  We were somehow seated in one of the best tables in the place, basically right up on the window.  This was my view every time I turned my head:

Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water

Talk about cool.  There was a big fog moving through the city and as we sat there the sun went down, so you can imagine the picturesque setting we enjoyed.  My cousins were suitably impressed by the city before this stop at the bar and afterwards one of them is ready to pack her bags and move (I’ve tried to warn her about the winters but some things you have to see to believe – and honestly, I’d pay good money to see a Texan battle a polar vortex).

I also enjoyed some deep dish pizza while they were here (another thing I seem to only indulge in when people are visiting) and I’m trying not to be too jealous of the fact that they’re going to a show at Second City tonigh.  Apparently I either need to get my shit together and start spending more time (read: money) at new to me spots or around the city or I need to have more people up to visit who treat me to such treats.  Either way, I agree with my cousin – Chicago is a pretty awesome place to live!

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