Happy Birthday to My Sissy

May 29, 2014 at 8:47 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Sums it up.

Today was my little sister’s birthday.  I used to pretty much hate my sister.  We’re very close in age (15 months) and as such, we were often lumped together on sports teams and even classes in school.  We shared clothes, toys, friends and a room and there were many times I wanted to smother her with a pillow.  For a great many years in our childhood, we got presents on each other’s birthday’s so there wouldn’t be a fight – I kind wish that rule was still in place, but oh well.  We used to have babysitters refuse to watch us together because of how much we fought and I can remember at least a few occasions where we didn’t get to go do something super fun because we’d been arguing.  When we were in Junior High, we were fighting about something or other on the car ride home from school with my mom and Mom pulled over, then made me get out and start walking.  We were only a few miles from home but this was in the middle of the country and I seethed with rage as I made my way home.  She eventually came to pick me up but it was only because “your father made me come and get you” – that was when I learned that perhaps there were limits on how much my sister and I could get away with when it came to trying to kill each other.  Doesn’t mean we didn’t push that boundary any time we could, though.

Honestly, we didn’t start getting along really well until I moved out of the house and went to college.  Whether it was maturity or the 85 miles separating us, we began to tolerate each other a little more.  Actually, it was probably the distance because if we spend more than 4 or 5 days together even now, one of us ends up punching a wall in an airport bathroom on our way home from Mexico (that’d be me).  Now that we’re older, though, those kind of instances can usually be solved over a beer and with a laugh, especially since we know we’ll be in different zip codes again soon.  We actually want to hang out with each other most of the time nowadays.

Seriously though, my little sister has grown into a woman who kind of amazes me.  She’s actually pretty smart (yeah, it shocked me too) and she’s made a really decent career for herself doing something that she mostly enjoys and is really good at.  She surprises me all the time by doing grown up things like moving in with her boyfriend, planting a garden and making awesome food.  In fact, I kind of wish she’d cook for me more often but most dinners don’t hold up well via overnight FedEx delivery, so I must miss out.  She’s funny, original, interesting and much more caring than I would’ve thought she could turn out to be.  She’s very rational and handles things like family illness and hospitals way better than I do, because I mostly blubber in a corner while freaking out every time someone rolls by in a wheelchair.  She’s made of tough stuff, and I admire her.  I’m also really proud of her, and proud to call her my sister.

I probably don’t tell her all that enough (though I may mention the part about wanting to smother her every now and then).  But since it’s her birthday, I figured this could be part of my gift.  Because God knows I won’t be spending any actual money on her!  Just kidding, sis.  And Happy Birthday!

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