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March 24, 2014 at 7:58 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

I am officially no longer a temp!

I accepted the job I’m currently working on a temp to hire basis, which initially made me nervous because I’ve never been anything other than a direct hire before.  I was told I would be a temp for no more than 90 days so when I was offered the chance to be a regular employee a mere three weeks after my start date, I pretty much freaked right on out.  Apparently I am just so amazing and wonderful they couldn’t help but bring me on.  Or they wanted to do so before the end of the first quarter for payroll purposes.  Either way, today marked my very first day as an actual employee – I had the orientation on benefits and health insurance to prove it!

Welcome to the office.

This is a pretty awesome thing.  I will be saving hard earned cash on my commuting fees, I will become eligible for vacation and paid holidays (the first of which is Good Friday – woo!) and I will be saving even more money on health insurance.  I’ve been paying for an out of pocket plan since long before my last company tanked (because they tripled our payments out of nowhere) and it is NOT cheap.  So I am all about being an actual, regular employee.

Besides all of that there are small random perks I’ve never experienced with any job before, ever.  Such as the fact that last Thursday our company let us wear jeans and tshirts to show off our favorite basketball teams in honor of March Madness, then opened up a conference room to play the ball games on a projector.  Oh, and provided us with snacks, beer and wine.  So THAT was awesome.  Then today they ordered some fancy schmancy donuts from a boutique donut place (apparently they exist) downtown to celebrate the fact that I’m joining the team.

Incidentally, if I’m not careful I’m going to gain 100lbs.

Anyway it’s a pretty solid time in my life and I actually think that whole getting laid off thing was a blessing in disguise.  People tried to tell me that when it happened but I was all like “Bitch you crazy” – however now I’m beginning to believe it myself.  Of course it all seems too good to be true and since I still feel like I’m dealing with post traumatic stress from everything I experienced at my last job, I kind of keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and to wake up unemployed and living in a box under a bridge somewhere.  But for now – well, I’m going to enjoy all the booze and free donuts I can!

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