IKEA’d Out

March 8, 2014 at 9:20 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

I spent four straight hours at IKEA today.

You would think I’m a glutton for punishment, and perhaps I am.  I’m certainly a glutton for food.

IKEA had a deal today (and probably every weekend) that if you spent more than $150 on home furnishings, then anything you ate in the food court would be comped from your final total at checkout.  Since Scott and I were both hungry upon arrival, this seemed like a great deal and we definitely took advantage of it.  I’m not going to go into details with what I ate but I will say that lunch was almost eight hours ago and I’m still not hungry and we ended up with $32 shaved off of our final total when we left.  I know that it’s not technically a free lunch but it sort of felt like it!

After we ate we actually had to start shopping, which was initially difficult with such full stomachs.  Luckily IKEA is a maze of gargantuan showrooms and walking around was good exercise.  The whole point of the excursion was to get a new mattress, because now that I’m a working woman with real life paychecks I can finally afford to go halfsies on one.  The mattress we currently have was given to me by a friend of mine sophomore year of college, which was *ahem* over a decade ago.

And good riddance!

Her mattress wasn’t exactly top notch then and after a year or so of his complaining about backaches, I finally admitted to Scott just how old mine really was (I also admitted to myself that the mattress could be the root of my own back and shoulder pain).  He was shocked and appalled.  We bought a nice foam memory pad over a year ago but it only helped so much and as we tried to flip the mattress a few months back, he smacked it in frustration.  The whole thing reverberated like a loud musical chord and apparently they’re not supposed to do that.  I’ve also noticed that when we laid in bed, we’d both roll towards the middle until we became a giant heap of anger and pain.  On top of all of this, the mattress was originally part of an entire bed set that included a canopy that attached to the frame.  Well that bed set was long gone by the time I acquired it but the sharp metal protrusions that stuck out at the food of the bed to attach to the canopy were not.  I have struck my shins on those evil metal bastards more times than I care to imagine and a year or so after the first time I shoved a pair of shoes onto them to at least remind myself of their presence.  It has looked like I’m keeping a dead body under my bed since that time and I still occasionally whack my shins.  All in all – it was time for a new mattress.

When I woke up this morning I gave the finger to our bed and happily fantasized about what I would be sleeping on tonight.  Unfortunately, the IKEA we went to is just outside of same-day-delivery range so we won’t actually have this wonderful new mattress until tomorrow.  Since I’m very stubborn and was dead set on the idea of not having to sleep on the old one ever again, we’ll be pulling that memory foam topper to the living room floor tonight for a slumber party.  We have Interview with a Vampire from Netflix so we’re in for a night of movies and feeling like a kid again.  I also feel like a kid again in anticipation of my new bed.  We got a good deal and a close friend of mine actually just bought the same one for himself so it comes highly recommended.  I’m not sure when things like this became so exciting to me but if I had to guess I’d say turning 30 had something to do with it.

I also got some new Tupperware and kitchen towels.  I’m just a kid at heart!

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