Obligatory (albeit late) Valentine’s Day Post

February 17, 2014 at 8:01 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

This year’s lovey dovey holiday was a day much like any other.  I had a couple of phone interviews (which resulted two in-person interviews this week so fingers are crossed!) and I went to the gym.  Not exactly exciting but Scott and I aren’t exactly in a position to buy each other fancy jewels and expensive dinners this year.  However, we still managed to give each other something. I received some purple mums from Trader Joe’s and two bags of Reese’s Cups in the shape of hearts (by the way, so damn dangerous) while Scott got some non-generic shaving gel that he’d had his eye on. Yup, we’re crazy.  And we ordered pizza, which was basically the most romantic thing ever.  At least to me, because I sure do love pizza.

Not hard for the vegetarians among us

Not hard for the vegetarians among us

It would have been nice to get dressed up and go someplace out of the ordinary but the weather is still extremely miserable here, plus Valentine’s Day falls right on the heels of Scott’s Birthday, Christmas and my own birthday.  I brought up the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day in August so we could actually show some skin on our date and not have to worry about battling the masses for reservations, so that’s something we may consider.  I should have a job by then, right?



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