Insurance Rant

January 27, 2014 at 5:05 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

I know I haven’t been posting too much and that’s mostly because I try to abide by the adage that if you can’t say anything nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all.  I’m still job searching and while I’ve had at least two interviews a week every week so far this month, nothing has completely come through for me.  I’m trying to stay optimistic though and have two new recruiters I’m meeting with this week so hopefully my phone will continue to ring and I’ll find something sooner rather than later.

The weather also sucks, which of course never helps.  I’ve been logging some good gym time (except today; more on that later) but that’s about the only thing I’ve been doing.  The days seem to run together all too easily and that’s a little crazy.  For instance – I’ll be 30 in 8 days.  That’s even crazier!  It would be a wonderful birthday present to have a job by then but I won’t hold my breath.  I’m saving that to blow out all those damn candles anyway.

Since the days have been blurring together, I’m doing my best to stay on top of my bills.  Don’t worry, credit score, I haven’t missed any yet.  In an effort to keep on the ball, I logged onto my health insurance site earlier today to make a payment for next month.  The company I worked for that closed last month tripled our insurance payments recently so I was forced to get my own independent plan.  It’s not exactly cheap but since my luck would have me falling and breaking every bone in my leg the minute I tried to go sans insurance, I thought it best to remain covered.  I encountered a snafu last month when they double-billed me for my January payment but after spending a good deal of time on the phone, I was assured it had been straightened out.  According to the woman I talked to then, at least.  So while I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t needed to use it, I’ve spent this month blissfully thinking I was fully covered.  Until today.  When I got online to make my payment for February, I was told my policy was cancelled on January 1st.

Excuse me, what?

Can’t they just throw a dog a bone?

Apparently the lady I spoke to last month lied.  Or was confused, or hated me or something.  Even though they kept my original payment for January, they weren’t covering me – obviously, this did not please me.  At the time of my typing this, I have been on the phone for 3 hours, 7 minutes and 17 seconds trying to straighten this out.  I kind of feel like Phoebe in that episode of Friends where she stays on hold three straight days because at some point it just became a matter of principle.  In that episode, she was dismayed to learn that she had dialed an 888 number that wasn’t toll-free.  I sort of feel like that because I’ve used an insane amount of my paltry cell phone minutes to figure this out.  I’m very proud of myself though, I have not cussed or screamed and I’ve only broken down in tears once, so I’m considering myself a winner right now.  It also looks like they’re going to be able to work this out and do so in a way that it does not show I had a lapse in coverage, which is great because in my mind I didn’t.  Apparently this is a lesson in why I should start recording all of my phone conversations.

Why isn’t stuff like dealing with shitty insurance companies and policies taught to us in high school?  I sure think this would have benefited me more than that geology class I was forced to pass.

Okay.  Still on hold and still hoping this will all work out in my favor.  In order for it to REALLY work out in my favor, I’ll get a new job ASAP and it will pay at least some if not most of my insurance for me.  C’mon jobby job job, I know you’re out there!  You wouldn’t want to disappoint an old woman, now would you?

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