Foodie Friday!

November 15, 2013 at 11:46 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Man, I love my crock pot.  As in, my first child might just be named Crock.  Or Pot.  Ok, maybe not Pot.

When I was home a few weeks ago, my mom gave me a HUGE butternut squash that my sister had given to her.  It was large and intimidating and I’m pretty sure it was sent home with me because no one else knew what to do with it.  Frankly, neither did I and for a few weeks I just worked it into my Halloween decor.  However I took down decorations last weekend and that blasted gourd was still sitting there, taking up a large portion of my kitchen table and mocking me.  So on Sunday I decided to destroy it.

That turkey is pretty much the extent of my Thanksgiving decorating.

That turkey is pretty much the extent of my Thanksgiving decorating.

By destroy, I mean cook and then eat its insides.  I still wasn’t sure what to do with it but luckily the internet exists and was able to help me out.  Using my superior search engine skills, I was able to figure out how to roast it and then what to do from there.  I started by taking a huge knife and giving myself a pep talk on not chopping off any fingers.  Then I cut the whole squash in half, put some butter and brown sugar on it and placed the halves open side up in the oven for about half an hour.  After taking it out and letting it cool (this is very important, trust me), I was able to cut the whole thing up into smaller pieces.  Then I dumped everything in that amazing device known as the crock pot, added two cups of water (or milk) and some of the fresh herbs my momma also sent me home with and walked away.  Ok, honestly I danced away because I was so excited to be doing some more easy cooking.

I used my handheld immersion blender about four hours later to liquefy all of the chunks and make everything nice and smooth.  I added some more herbs and butter, then got ready to eat.  When I served it I added a spoonful of Greek yogurt (or sour cream or something similar) and blended it together before chowing down.  I actually think that yogurt really helped bring the soup together but Scott passed on that and said his was still good.  Of course he has to say things like that or I kick him in his sleep, so try it for yourself to see what you think.

It was really tasty, really healthy and REALLY easy.  Just how cooking should be!

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