Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2013 at 10:32 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Ah, the scariest day of the year.  I’ve been dealing with a scary week at work so I feel like nothing can phase me and to be honest, I wasn’t really planning on going out tonight.  However, a couple of friends will be trekking around Boystown and have convinced me to join them so it looks like I need to come up with a quick and easy costume, stat.  Alas, Scott won’t dress up like Ron from Harry Potter to match my Hermione so I’m forced to come up with something else.  Here are my ideas:

  • Blackhawks player – I have a jersey and black tights.  Done.
  • A witch – I have a long, grey wig.  And a broom.
  • Leftovers – I have tin foil I can wrap around my stomach.
  • A construction worker – I can borrow Scott’s tool belt and hard hat.  For some reason he wasn’t too keen on the idea of dressing up in that and walking around the gayest neighborhood in the city himself.
  • A quarter back – I can tape a quarter to my back.
  • A quarter pounder – I can carry a quarter in one hand and a hammer in the other.
  • Pregnant – I have pillows!
  • CD Burner – I can tape an old CD to my shirt and carry a lighter.

Be safe tonight! Don’t let the boogeyman get you!

Surely with these ingenious and super lazy ideas I can come up with something!  And if I want to be truly terrifying, I can just carry around a copy of my last student loan statement.

Have a Happy Halloween!


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  1. Jeyna Grace said,

    LOL! Good ones.

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