Thanks, Obama!

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While the nation rants and rages over the Affordable Health Care Act, I’d just like to say how it is directly affecting me.  I realize that I’m pretty healthy and don’t need to utilize my insurance much (thankfully, because even for the healthy that stuff is expensive as hell) but I do have one prescription I get each month.  That would be my birth control.  I’ve been taking The Pill basically for as long as I’ve been getting periods because mine were particularly unmanageable as a teenager and the pill really helped.  Of course, once I got older I enjoyed the other perks of contraception, but I’ve always had to pay for it.  Even being completely covered by an insurance plan, I’ve had to shell out roughly $15 a month for my pills.  While I realize that isn’t a lot, an extra $180 a year could come in handy.  I could spend it on candy!  Or ice cream!  Or Cheeze-Its!  Or gas to go home for a couple of weekends!  Or more candy!

Thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act, I now get to save that cash each month as my pills are covered.  They’re actually an entirelly different type of pill


All this for the low low price of NOTHING!

than I used to take and I’ll now only get my period once every three months instead of once every month.  While I like the checks and balances of a monthly period, I also like not paying for birth control and paying way less for tampons and chocolate bars.

Our healthcare system in America is far from perfect (it’s actually pretty awful).  I’m not naive to think that Obamacare will really help everyone who needs it and I’m not even positive it’s going to help me much more than the whole free birth control thing.  What I do know is that it’s at least a step in the right direction and fighting over funding something that’s already been passed into a law is just kind of dumb.

For a more concise breakdown over what damage government shutdown is actually doing, please read this blog post by The Bloggess (who’s pretty great in her own right).  She also outlines a few ways you can help, mostly by donating to Feeding America (which helps the food pantry I volunteer for, among countless others) and by donating blood.  This political standoff is hurting many, many people and it’s really just because the two political parties that we’re stuck with can’t seem to compromise or even get along.  It’s embarrassing as an American, especially since there’s nothing I can actually do about it.

Stupid politicians.  I guess if I wanted to get paid for not doing my job I should’ve moved to Washington.


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