Foodie Friday

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So this isn’t the normal food-related post.  Some of you may remember that I’ve been volunteering for the Common Pantry for about four years.  They provide food, toiletries, resources and education to just about anyone in the area who has a need.  The pantry is a big part of my life and I’m proud to be involved with an organization that helps to give back so much.  The food that the pantry distributes comes from the USDA, Feeding America and donations from various people and places all over the city.  Unfortunately, the government has been cutting back on the funding provided to these types of pantries and the need hasn’t exactly decreased.

Where some of the magic happens!

There are many things that can be done to combat this and a fellow volunteer of mine named Chris is going the extra mile – 26.2 miles in fact – to help.  He’s running in this year’s Chicago Marathon and I think it’s pretty awesome.  I could never run in a marathon and I honestly think that people who willingly sign up for such a thing are a little nuts but more power to them.  There’s about a week left until the big race and if you’re interested in making a donation to a truly great guy and truly great cause, go here.  See that picture of Chris?  Yeah, I took that.  We’re all about teamwork at the Common Pantry, unless you’re running a marathon.  Then you’re on your own.

Anyway if you choose to donate (seriously, every little bit helps!), here’s a huge THANK YOU!  And even if you don’t, just the reminder that there are people out there struggling to meet their basic needs is something worth keeping in mind.  Here’s hoping Chris runs like the wind!


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