Chow Time!

October 3, 2013 at 12:54 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Contrary to his name, The Dude is not always a laid back cat.  Most of the time it would take a pound of catnip or a cat toy the size of a small car to get his lazy ass off the couch but come 4 or 5 every morning, he gets needy.  It’s because he knows one of us wakes up around that time and when we wake up, he gets fed.  This has resulted in him meowing and scratching around our door super early every morning.  It is more annoying than mere words can say and it basically ruins my morning from the get-go.  On Friday of last week I jumped out of bed yelling something about strangling the cat with his own tail and that is when Scott and I decided we needed to take action.

We searched some solutions online and it seems that an automatic pet feeder is our best bet.  This would simply feed Dude at a scheduled time each day and eventually he’ll learn to meow at the machine rather than at my door.  At least, that’s the plan.  We got one of these feeders over the weekend and, while he seemed pretty confused by it at first, I do believe it’s working.  We had a few good solid nights with no interruptions though he did cry a little last night.  If this behavior is on the way out, though, I’ll take it!

Come and get it!

Come and get it!

The first time Dude saw the feeder in action was pretty funny and I managed to capture it via photo (seen above).  He basically stood on his hind feet and just stared at the contraption while it spat out food.  I’m not sure if he thinks it’s some new god that was created to feed him or what but it was pretty entertaining to watch.  It’s relatively quiet and is nice because now we can leave him for a few days without worrying about having someone stop by to feed him.  Of course, now I’ll worry that the feeder will break and he won’t get fed anyway but I guess I can deal with that.



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