Shoo Fly

September 9, 2013 at 3:12 pm (Uncategorized) (, )


For the past few days, Scott and I have had to come up with a mode of attack

because we have been dealing with something that just will not die,

even when we think we’re clear, this stuff just keeps coming back

I don’t mean zombies or any kind of STD – I’m talking about the dreaded fruit fly.

Where did they come from?  How did they grow?

We didn’t even have any fruit sitting out!

But now it’s our mission to deliver a heavy blow

and kill them all beyond the shadow of a doubt.

The sink has been scoured and the fridge and stove are both spotless

while the trash sits out on the back porch,

we honestly don’t see anything else amiss

but if the flies don’t quit appearing I’m going after them with a blowtorch.

Traps have been set and they do seem to be doing the trick

while we watch with glee as more of the flies end up dead,

although a few have escaped and they probably think they’re slick

I’m confident in the end we humans will come out ahead.

Though truth be told, I’m a little worried about what this is all doing to my mind

as I happily plot the extermination of these little things,

is it normal for me to be having feelings of this kind?

I don’t know but I will accept the happiness that it brings.

Hopefully our unwanted house guests will be gone in the next few days

and things will go back to as normal as they’ll ever be,

but woe be the fruit fly who avoids our traps and tries to stay

they’ve got to be pretty stupid to want to live with me.


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