Enjoying Summer While it Lasts

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Indoor Bonsai

Indoor Bonsai

Those lazy hazy days of summer aren’t quite gone yet and I’m trying to take advantage of the warm weather for as long as I possibly can.  This weekend, I definitely succeeded!  My Friday night started off with happy hour drinks with some coworkers as one of the IT guys is moving to a new job and Friday was his last day.  A few beers and a shot or two later, I was ready for the rest of the weekend.  I met Scott near Millennium Park and the two of us met with some friends of ours, who happened to have their two adorable children in tow.  We made our way to the Pritzer Pavillion and caught some of the free classical music being performed while we enjoyed some snacks on the grassy seating area.  The kids ran (or crawled) around and the adults got a chance to visit, which was really nice.  Sidenote: it’s weird to refer to myself and my friends as “the adults”.  Anyway, after the concert we hung out at their condo for a little longer before making our way home sweet home.

Saturday we woke up uncharacteristically early and went to brunch at a place neither of us had ever had before.  It was amazing and will have its own blog post dedicated to it later this week.  After brunch, we ran a few errands then basically spent the rest of the afternoon lying around at the park.  I got through some more of my book (which was also amazing and will also warrant its own post sometime soon) and Scott played around with a soccer ball like a little kid.  It was a beautiful day and the first Saturday in months where I didn’t something planned.  I could do with more Saturdays like that.  We ended the evening by finally finishing The Karate Kid which was pretty great in all it’s 80’s glory.

Sunday I woke up and went to the gym, then we headed to the Chicago Botanic Gardens a little north of the city.

The Bonsai Trees were especially appropriate after our Karate Kid watching

The Bonsai Trees were especially appropriate after our Karate Kid watching

The Gardens are actually close to where I used to live in the ‘burbs but I didn’t go there near as much as I should’ve back then.  This place is huge and has all sorts of different sculpted gardens.  There was a Bonsai Tree show going on which we got to check out, then we walked through the Rose Garden and the Japanese Tree Garden.  We walked through a bunch of other trails and paths too but there was too much plant life to completely remember it all.  We weren’t the only ones with this idea and the place was pretty busy, with families and kids darting around and even a wedding taking place at one spot.   It was another just plain fabulous day and I was really glad we got to spend so much of it enjoying the great outdoors.

I gave Scott a grow-your-own-Bonsai-tree back at Christmas and while the seed produced a tiny little tree-like thing, it hasn’t grown at all for months.  We’re not sure if it has something to do with the tree itself or our sneaky little cat who likes to nibble on plant edges but for whatever reason, it’s been stunted for a while.  Scott found some super cheap soil at the Bonsai show that will hopefully help his little tree to flourish, though I guess only time will tell.  But if the apple tree that I planted in elementary school can start producing fruit nearly twenty years later, then I have hopes his Bonsai Tree can make a comeback.

And yes, that happened with the apple tree in my mom’s front yard.  Gotta love nature!  And I will, as long as the weather permits!


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