Costa Rica, Here We Come!

July 19, 2013 at 11:06 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

This time tomorrow, Scott and I will be thisclose to the beaches in Tamarindo, Costa Rica!  We have an early (8am) flight and a one hour bus ride to the hotel, then we’re free!  We’ve booked a day trip to Nicaragua to hike a volcano and tour some towns and chances are we’re going to go scuba diving and to a monkey sanctuary and rehabilitation center as well.  We’re also going to try to learn how to surf and maybe even hit up some mud spas.  And of course – relax on the beach.  Our hotel has a nice pool too so we’ll probably spend some time there, not to mention wandering around the town itself and checking out restaurants and shops.  And we can’t wait!

24 hours and counting!

We’ve had a tight few months since Scott’s been dealing with some worker’s comp stuff and while this trip doesn’t exactly fall during the best of times, we’re making it work.  Besides, we could both use a vacation!  I just have to get through this workday and I can fully enter vacation mode…too bad this day is super busy.  Oh well, at least it’s passing fast I guess.

Scott brought up our suitcases from storage and that’s as far as we’ve gotten with packing.  I’ll be doing that this evening, then trying to force myself to sleep so we can wake up at 4am and get ready to head to the airport.  Of course it’s not like I care if I’m tired when we get there – I can always take a nap on the beach!

Hope everyone has a great week – I know we will!!

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