So Much Talent, So Little Space!

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One of my friends from Chicago (who has since moved on to bigger and better things in California) is one hell of an artist.  She’s into graphic design, animation and architecture and she now does so many artsy things for her new employer that I can’t even begin to keep up.  A long time ago and a little before my beloved Catsby fell ill and passed away, this wonderful friend surprised me with a portrait she painted of my wonderful kitty, which my wonderful boyfriend later framed and hung on the wall.  When Scott’s family dog Daisy passed away a while ago, we commissioned my friend to paint a portrait of the dog for his parents.  They loved it and it’s on display in their living room.  I knew how much Scott missed Daisy and since most of the stuff on our apartment walls is mine to begin with, I decided to ask my artsy friend to paint one more portrait of their dog for Scott to hang in our place.  She did because she’s so awesome and Scott was able to hang it up last week:

Told you she was talented.

Told you she was talented.

Since the new piece is on a canvas, we probably won’t end up framing it.  I think that our new “Pet Corner” looks great and it’s a nice reminder to us of some of our all-time favorite pets.  The paintings look so much like Daisy and Catsby that sometimes it gets us a little emotional, but these pieces of artwork are a great addition to our living room walls.

I just felt like I had to give a shout out here to my friend and once again express my gratitude for all her hard work.  If I had done this myself, we would’ve wound up with pathetic stick looking figures with little squiggles of fur drawn in.  This is so much better!


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