2013 Hunger Walk

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On June 29th, thousands of men and women met at Soldier Field and walked a 5k to benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  The food pantry I volunteer with was part of the crowd and we had a decent number of people show up to support our local pantry.  Each person who walked for us earned the pantry $12 in food credits at the depository, so it was definitely for a good cause.  Of course, waking up earlier on a weekend than I normally do on work days wasn’t exactly fun but it wasn’t like I was running the 5k or anything so I managed.  There were people everywhere which warmed my heart, and there were groups grilling out and celebrating at the end of the walk.  It was a festive spirit and it was really nice to see so many groups and organizations coming out to support the hunger needs of our neighbors in the city.

People, people everywhere!

People, people everywhere!

The weather was just about perfect for the walk, too.  It was warm but not hot and cloudy so there was no real danger of overheating or getting a sunburn.  Last year it was really sunny and warm which was pretty for the first five minutes, then turned into a sweat fest.  Scott and I were able to walk and talk with some other volunteers from my pantry, then we kicked it into overdrive and power-walked the rest of the way through.  We stopped at the Trader Joe’s in the South Loop on our way to the train and by 11am had eaten breakfast, walked a 5k, done our grocery shopping and spent roughly 2 hours on the train.  I was amazed by what can get accomplished if you just wake up early on a weekend!

Not that I did that this weekend.  Sleeping in is pretty rad, too.

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