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June 21, 2013 at 9:58 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

It’s hard to believe that two years ago today Scott and I had our first date.  We were living together a mere four months later and we haven’t tried to smother each other with pillows yet so I’d say things are going pretty well.  In honor of our anniversary, here are the top 10 reasons why I think we’re a great match:

  • He doesn’t get grossed out when I burp and he laughs at the goofy songs I make up and sing to the cat when we hang around the apartment.
  • He tolerates and even cares for my family while putting up with our karaoke-singing, fast-talking, noisy, corny, fast-paced ways.  And he doesn’t tease me when I spent hours each week talking to my grandparents, parents and sister.
  • He’s a vegetarian who cooks for me quite frequently and who will tell me that whatever I cook for him is delicious and tasty.  On a related note, he’s good at fibbing to me to spare my feelings.
  • He doesn’t mock me because I still have a stuffed monkey from when I was little.  In fact, he sometimes dresses George up and makes sure he doesn’t fall over or onto the ground because he understands that would make George uncomfortable.


  • He loves reading as much as I do and it’s not weird for us sit on the couch for a few hours with our books on a Friday night.
  • He’s open and adventurous and will try just about anything once.  But I doubt I’ll ever convince him to get a pedicure again.
  • He encouraged me to join the gym and doesn’t get mad when he’s helping me train and I call him bad names.  Unless they’re really bad, which I’ve tried to stop doing.
  • He still loves me on my bad days and knows enough to give me some space when I need it.  Every now and then a Gilmore Girls marathon is the best cure and if I’m on a rampage, I’ll come into the living room to see it set up on DVD.
  • He kills (or captures and releases) all the bugs.
  • He’s my very best friend.  That pretty much covers the rest, doesn’t it?

This isn’t really a part of the list but to celebrate our anniversary, he’s making me a huge french toast dinner tonight.  Life sure can be sweet!



  1. The mommy said,

    Happy Anniversary to you both:)))

  2. Lucy said,

    Happy Anniversary to you! A french toast dinner sounds awesome by the way.

  3. LAJ said,

    This is SOOO ab-fab! A great partner to an amazing lady! Congrats on 2 years, and here’s to may more!

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