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On Saturday morning, I woke up with the intent of having a quick breakfast then going to the gym before my afternoon of docent-ing at the museum.  I walked into the kitchen and started rinsing off some dishes and then I heard it.  An unfamiliar yet unmistakable noise that could only be one thing – water spewing from the pipe underneath the kitchen sink.

Like most people, I keep various cleaning supplies and products under the sink and many of them were in cardboard boxes.  They were a nice soggy mess and I hauled everything from under the sink out onto the back porch while fitting a bucket under the offending pipe.  This was no little leak either, water was seriously gushing from the damn thing with every turn of the tap.  I called our maintenance guy and he said he could come out Monday morning – a mere 48 hours away.  Awesome.  When I took a closer look at the pipe, I realized that there was already some duct tape attempting to hold the whole thing together.  Apparently it wa’s time for an upgrade.

Sad broke pipe.

We were still able to use the sink but Scott got pretty good at dumping the bucket in the toilet while we made our meals.  To try and avoid that, I spent some time last night washing vegetables in the bathroom sink which was a novel experience but not one I’m eager to re-live.  The good thing in all of this is that it made me even happier that I rent, because while Scott and I could’ve maybe figured out how to fix this on our own, the chances that it was done right on the first try were made much higher by us using a professional.

My fingers are crossed that I have regular kitchen sink access by the end of the night.  Otherwise, my dishes and I will be taking a nice shower together before the evening’s end.


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