With a Little Help From My Friends

June 5, 2013 at 12:01 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

I’m not much of a shopper.  As in, I really hate trying on clothing in a badly lit dressing room when 90% of it doesn’t ever fit right and 100% of it is out of my clothing budget, which is $0.  This means I usually wait until Christmas or my birthday to request clothing, which typically results in my trying stuff on in Kohl’s or Target and then bitching and moaning to my mom about the fit, my hips, the time wasted, etc.  Before yesterday, I owned three pairs of jeans – one was way too big, one has holes that even patching hasn’t fixed and one that I wore pretty much always.  I also owned three pairs of work pants, meaning my weekly outfits had little variation.  Both of those were losing their fit as well but given the aforementioned reasons, I dealt with it.

Well, all that changed yesterday due to the absolutely amazing kindness of one of my coworkers.  She went through her closet this weekend and brought in two bags of clothing that she was planning on donating.  I should note that the stuff she was getting rid of was more than my wardrobe of the last 10 years combined and when she mentioned she was my size, I was all over it.  I spent 30 minutes trying stuff on in the bathroom (which ironically had more privacy and better lighting than any dressing room ever has) and I almost cried in delight.  Pretty much everything I wanted fit me and it fit like a glove.  This stuff wasn’t cheap either, most of it was made by Calvin Klein, Express Limited and Ann Taylor Loft.  The girl had good taste and I wouldn’t have been able to buy any of this stuff myself, unless I found it at a thrift shop.  Everything was in great shape too and there were even tags still left on a few items.  I expressed my bewilderment to her but she just said she’d had it all for a while and wasn’t wearing it so it was time for it to go.  Seriously, I probably nabbed at least $500 or $600 worth of clothing:

It was like Christmas and my birthday, times a thousand!

It was like Christmas and my birthday, times a thousand!

I managed to get 11 new pairs of pants (including work pants, jeans, shorts and capris), not to mention a fancy tank top, four work shirts, a sweater and a summer dress.  For free.  I tried to offer some cash but this Good Samaritan just said she was happy it was all finding a good home, so I made her a Thank You card and gave her a nice gift certificate to her favorite lunch spot across the street.  Hell, it was the absolute least I could do.

So I basically just got a whole new wardrobe yesterday.  Gone are the days that I had to wear jeans so threadbare that I was worried people would be getting a free show!  I’m so thankful that I know such thoughtful people, and even more thankful that they wear my size.


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