Foodie Friday

May 24, 2013 at 12:24 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Thanks to the warmer weather Scott and I have been on a veggie burger kick lately (this does not apply to today as it was 40 degrees on my walk to the train this morning).  I’ve had a lot of veggie burgers in my day and some are definitely better than others.  For instance, every few years I get this masochistic urge to try the Burger King veggie patty to basically see if it tastes any better than the last time I ordered it.  It never does and for some reason I’m always surprised by that.  Anyway between the two of us, we’ve basically tried every type of veggie friendly burger that most stores have to offer and we eventually settled on the Trader Joe’s house brand.  They’re huge patties and full of actual vegetables instead of just soy protein.  They cook in under 10 minutes on the stove top and make a delicious sandwich.  Need proof?  See below.

Better than Burger King!

Better than Burger King!

We also purchased a bag of garlic fries from Trader Joe’s and put them in the oven while we cooked the burgers.  They made a perfect side and were tastier than any fries I can remember having from a restaurant or bar in a long, long time.  To top my burger, I put avocado on one side of the bun and a chipotle mayo on the other.  Feta cheese was sprinkled on top of the patty nd you can’t see it but there are tomatoes and onions on here too.  It was healthier than anything a fast food place could serve up and tasted so good I was tempted to make a second.  Luckily, my stomach was so full after eating what you see here that I couldn’t get off the couch quick enough to shove any more in my face.

See, vegetarians have options too!  And this is a good one to bring to any Memorial Day BBQ’s.  Happy long weekend!


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