A Walk in the Park

May 20, 2013 at 10:26 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

We had a weekend full of beautiful weather and Scott and I decided to cap it off with a picnic dinner in the park last night.  We made sandwiches and brought along lots of fruits and veggies, then settled in to people watch and enjoy our food.  Little did we know that we’d be entertained with dinner and a show!





I know the pictures aren’t of the highest quality, but that’s what I get for taking them with my cell phone.  You can see that we weren’t the only ones enjoying the great evening and we watched a group of people? friends? wannabe cheerleaders? perform various jumps, cartwheels and maneuvers for a good portion of our meal.  One person would kind of crouch while another jumped onto their knees to be thrown into the air.  We never did figure out of they were practicing for some sort of improv group or what but they sure were entertaining to watch.  Not much later, we turned to the right and saw two guys tying a line up tightly between two trees.  Scott joked that maybe they would be tightrope walking while I thought perhaps they were preparing for some sort of jumping contest so I was pretty surprised when they proved Scott right.

Yup, these guys were walking on the bungee type line they hung up.  Only it wasn’t a bungee cord, rather it was a strap used to tie stuff down with.  I’m sure it’s got a proper name but I don’t know what it is.  Anyway, one of the guys was clearly better at tightrope walking than the other but they both managed to put a little distance on the thing, alternating between taking steps and falling off in ways that would help them not completely rack themselves.  We watched in amusement for a while and agreed that it looked pretty difficult.  As we started packing up to make our way home, they actually called out to us and told us we couldn’t leave without at least giving it a try.  Since I had already mentioned to Scott that I wanted to attempt it myself, I tied my skirt around my knees and ran on over.  The guys introduced themselves as Andy and Chainsaw (yes, he said his name was Chainsaw…I figured it was best to leave it at that) and Andy offered his shoulder to me as he explained the best way to try to stand on the rope.  So I tried it a few times and yup, it was hard.  As in, I didn’t even get to stand fully straight without falling off to one side.  I attempted it a few times then had a bad vision of me falling with my skirt over my head so I decided to give it a break.  Scott tried a few times too and while he stood straighter than I did, neither of us actually managed to take a step forward.  So I had a completely new-found respect for both Andy and Chainsaw.

We chatted a few more minutes then made our way home, but not before agreeing to try again should we ever come across each other in the park in the future.  Apparently they do this for fun and are not training for any upcoming circus as I previously thought.  Chainsaw had only tried to balance two other times before and so I told myself that if I tried a bit more often I could be walking it like he did.  So maybe next time I go to the park, I’ll wear a pair of shorts under my skirt just in case!

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