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Scott’s had the flu all week, which kind of sucks for both of us.  He woke up sick Monday morning and barely left the bed all day so when I got home from work Monday night, he was a sad mess.  He had a fever, couldn’t keep anything down and was just plain miserable.  I sat with him for a while but didn’t want to get too close so after dropping off Gatorade and Sprite, I made myself a little nest in the living room.  He was warmer than a space heater and tossing and turning all night, so I figured giving him the bed was the least I could do.  It was weird to sleep on the couch with him in the apartment though, because even if we’ve been bickering we always wind up together in the end.

This will be me when I no longer have to sleep on the couch.

Yesterday he was feeling a little better and managed to spend some time outside of the bedroom, which was good for him.  He still had a fever when I came home but he did manage a can of veggie-friendly chicken noodle soup – and it stayed down!  He celebrated by having a few crackers and then returning to bed.  I celebrated by once again making up the couch for another night’s worth of sleep, much to our cat’s confusion.  The whole thing is even more pitiful because the weather the last two days has been amazing and I know it’s been extra hard to stay cooped up indoors when it’s so gorgeous right outside.  He did manage to stand on our balcony for a minute last night, so that’s something.

I’m hoping I can return to bed tonight because as much fun as camping out in the living room is, my weary couch has nothing on a queen sized bed.  Also, I really hope that my use of soap and sanitizer has been sufficient and that I won’t wind up as sick as him.  My sunburn is just starting to heal and a fever sounds like the worst possible thing in the world right now.  But – knock on wood – I’m feeling okay so far.  If I could just finish the peeling phase of the sunburn, I’d be all set!


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