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History sure is interesting.  This week, archaeologists discovered archaeological evidence that at least some of the first settlers in America were cannibals (be warned, that article can get kind of graphic).  Crazy, right?  Well, not so crazy when you take into account just how brutal and horrible the conditions were in Jamestown those first few years.  Roughly 240 of the 300 colonists died – that’s like 80%.  Now THAT is crazy.  People were starving and some took to eating leather shoes.  The ones who tried to go and forage for food were often attacked by the Powhatan Indians, who in fairness were just trying to defend themselves from the new settlers.  Food and supplies that were supposed to be arriving in town were delayed by huge storms and some of those ships never made it at all.

Yeah, not quite.

There have been written accounts of cannibalism in Jamestown for years but this is the first time that scientists can look at bones and say “Yup, a human being was eating this”.  I know it’s pretty appalling for us to think about but then again, we live in a world where supermarkets are open 24 hours a day to provide us with 4,847 different types of cereal.  We have no idea what we would do if faced with such a difficult living situation so I think a little lack of judgement is called for here.  Really, I think this is just a fascinating look into the history of our country and see what some of the people who founded America put up with in order to stick around.

And in the end, I’m really thankful for that super-stocked supermarket.


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