Give Me Some SPACE

April 18, 2013 at 11:04 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

On Saturday, Scott and I went to see guitarist/singer Mason Jennings at Space, a music venue in the northern Chicago suburb of Evanston (yes, we had a busy weekend).  Evanston is a nice little town that’s actually a helluva lot closer to us than I realized, so it didn’t take long to get there.  Space is a venue located in the back of a restaurant called Union and it was a great…er, space…to watch a live show.  The setting was small and intimate which was perfect for the songs that Mason sung, plus there was a bar (always appreciated).  Everyone had a place to sit with a decent view of the stage while those who paid more had tables and sat in the center.  Scott and I were perfectly content to sit on the side and hold our drinks in our laps, thank you very much.

This wasn’t a wild and crazy concert with dancing in the aisles but it was a lot of fun and Mason put on a great show.  He was also funnier

Nice, huh?

than I had expected and told a handful of entertaining stories while on stage.  There were people of all ages there too, including a family who sat near us with their small children.  Their little girl started singing along at one point and damn near broke my heart with cuteness!  So it was a fairly laid back show, which was nice.  In fact, the craziest thing that happened was when I walked in on some dude peeing in the unisex bathroom.  You would think that a guy using a public bathroom would take the time to lock the door but nooOOOooo.  I may have blushed for a second, especially when the guy behind me mopping burst into laughter, but that was as wild as it got.

I’d definitely go out to this venue again and will keep my eyes open for cool shows coming their way.  Dr. John, the super awesome and funky jazz musician of New Orleans fame, was actually there last night but I had a prior commitment (which I’ll probably blog about soon) that prevented me from going.  Maybe he’ll come back?  Either way it was great to be introduced to a new spot to check out live shows.  Next time I may even grab some of the delicious-smelling pizza that Union delivers to your seat!


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