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So, I’ve been using Crest toothpaste for a really long time.  Why?  Well, Colgate used to have a factory near my hometown but they shipped it off to some other country when I was a kid and thus many friends of my parents lost their jobs (at least, this is the story I remember my mom telling me).  Anyway we’ve boycotted Colgate since then and Crest has been a reliable alternative.  Until the last tube that touched my teeth.

I noticed early last week that my mouth hurt (and no, it wasn’t because I was running it too much).  I couldn’t pinpoint why but my gums were sore and my tongue felt like it had a small cut on the


tip.  I spent too much time examining it in every reflective surface I could find but I couldn’t come up with a reason behind the pain.  Maybe I was brushing too hard in my sleepy morning state?  Or perhaps I had burned my mouth and then promptly hit my head and had amnesia so I couldn’t remember the injuries.  Scott said it was possible I was getting a canker sore but I still didn’t see anything visible.  Both brushing and flossing were starting to hurt and it was still a mystery so I turned to my trusted source for information: Google.  And I pretty much immediately found out that my toothpaste was to blame.

This is a link to NUMEROUS consumer complains about Crest ProHealth Toothpaste.  I am not alone!  In fact, most of my symptoms were listed by others on the site.  But that doesn’t tell me WHY this toothpaste was causing my mouth to hurt so bad that I damn near cried.  I guess that’s a mystery lost to the universe.  I read these reviews before bed but after brushing my teeth so of course I kicked myself for my bad timing but I switched to AIM right away and voila – no more gum or tongue pain!  Since it was such a weird occurrence (and Scott didn’t notice anything in his mouth) I figured I’d share with the blogosphere so as to enlighten more people.  The tube of AIM we bought has the exact same ingredients as the super expensive stuff but it was half the price and didn’t make my tongue feel like I’d swiped it over a dull razor blade.  So do what you will with this knowledge but I can tell you that I won’t be buying anything from Crest ever again.

The more you know!

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